MO 02-02-2017IMO MSC.1/Circ.1460/Rev.1 – Guidance on the Validitity of Radiocommunications Equipment Installed and Used on Ships
MO 01-01-2017Guidelines for granting General Amnesty for Unregistered Radio Equipment
MO 04-07-2013Guidelines For Granting General Amnesty For Unregistered Radio Equipment
MO 01-02-2013Prohibition Of Portable Cellular Mobile Repeater And Portable Cell Site Equipment
MO 07-11-2012Uninterrupted Telecommunications Services During The Holiday Season
MO 04-09-2012Establishment Of An Emergency Radio Communications Protocol For MMDRRMC
MO 05-09-2012Emergency Radio Communications Protocol For Radio Volunteers (NTC Task Force Bayanihan)
MO 03-08-2012 Guidelines For The First Radio Show At the SMX Convention Center, Mall Of Asia, Pasay City on September 7-8, 2012
MO 01-06-2012Allocation Of Common Frequencies For Disaster Management And Emergency Communications